PSD #4: Ghost With The Most

contains: curves, vibrance, optional vibrance, optional exposure, hue/saturation, optional levels, optional green selective colouring, optional brightness/contrast, optional gradient map, optional selective colouring if too cyan, optional selective colouring if too blue, optional selective colouring if too yellow, optional colour balance if too red

used for: colourful classics

download: mediafire/deviantart

bonus examples:

catching fire color porn psd

contains a basic psd and an option for all the colors above

works well on every scene for catching fire and the hunger games


PSD #2: Don’t let the frostbite bite

Contains: brightness, optional curves, optional colour balance [ if found to be too blue ], adjustable brightness/contrast [ if found to be too dark/bright ]

Used for: wintery/icey scenes


A psd made for doctor who. Works on most scenes but sometimes you might want to adjust some layers. It would be cool if you liked or reblog if you’re downloading.